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 Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

什麼是Iyengar Yoga?

2C Welley Bldg.
97 Wellington St.
Central, Hong Kong

tel: (852) 2982 4308
email: Yoga Central

Opening Hours

15 minutes before & after classes – see Classes-Schedule for details

The Compassionate Team


Sindy, Iyengar L2-certified teacher, started yoga in 2007 and joined Peter Scott's Teacher Training in 2009.  Before studying Iyengar Yoga,  she tried various yoga types - Ashtanga, Acroyoga, Power and Hot Yoga.  Since attending Iyengar Yoga classes & workshops,  her back problem due to scoliosis improves.  She believes Iyengar Yoga is good and suitable for all people.  Though self-practice, she can further discover and explore herself (body and mind).  She now handles primarily the night classes in Cantonese & English.

Maggie, graduated and researched in the Dept of Anatomy & Human Biology for 12 years.  Now a professionally trained  instructor in pilates and Iyengar JI1-certified teacher, she is especially seasoned with the muscuo-skeletal movement in yoga and hopes to blend yoga and stretch of various muscles in her classes.  She believes yoga in the mornings is the best for health & the mind.


Karen, Iyengar L2-certified, started yoga in 1999 and decided for Iyengar Yoga after trying various yoga types initially - Ashtanga, Anusara, Acroyoga, Power/Hot, Sri Sri, Tibetan Heart Yoga... Since 2007, she joined Peter Scott's Teachers' Training program which covers postures, anatomy, physiology, philosophy, teaching techniques and most importantly, self-practice. She believes yoga is for all body types and ages and teaches with compassion.  She now handles primarily the Cantonese & English bi-linqual teachings in addition to managing the studio.
Gaelle F. Daffner
Gaelle F. Daffner, Iyengar L2-certified plus a 500-hours yoga teacher certification in the U.S., studied with senior Iyengar and Vinyasa teachers around the world. Rigor, concentration and humor are the basis of her teaching. She moved to Hong Kong in 2006 and has been teaching at various studio's or clubs. She conducts classes in English or French to 'unwind' the busy bodies and souls in town.
Annisa's first experience with yoga traced back years ago as a teenager. Her devotion to yoga transformed her into a teacher.  Iyengar L2-certified, she embraces her yoga practice & teaching to bring about well-doing & well-being. Her teachers include Karin O'Bannon & Peter Scott, senior Iyengar teachers.

Aishah,  Iyengar L2-certified teacher, is a freelance Training Consultant who helps graduates make a transition from students to office professionals. She started yoga in 2000 and joined Peter Scott's Teacher Training in 2007. Since then, she has been a dedicated practitioner and puts in extensive work and research in understanding the theory and teaching of yoga. She believes yoga is not just for those who are flexible but for anyone who wishes to acquire strength and peace with oneself.

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